Magento 2 Extensions

We’re not one of those generic Magento-module-builders offering tens or even hundreds of simple Magento extensions. Although, we do have more to offer than Cart2Quote only. We offer a handful of essential, high quality B2B modules.



Hide the price and disable the order functionality in your Magento store per customer group. Not2Order enables store owners to control the visibility of prices in their catalog and the order ability of products, and even includes button show/hide logic per customer group. With this Magento extension, you can manage both the visibility of prices and the ordering of individual products in your catalog, a complete store view or for a complete website altogether. Also manage the price and order button visibility for registered visitors or specific customers groups only. Not2Order puts the store admin in control whether “Add to Cart” buttons and Prices should be shown or hidden, anywhere in the catalog.


Improve the performance of your sales flow and create a personal shopping experience with SalesRep. Link your Sales People to specific customer accounts and assign Magento Orders, Quotes and Opportunities automatically.
  • Link sales reps to customers
  • Assign Quotes to specific people
  • Automatically assinging of orders and quotes


Supportdesk is a game changer in turning sales and support teams from daily lagging behind answering e-mails to delivering awesome customer service. It provides great visibility and central control in dealing with pre-sales and after-sales customer questions to ensure sales opportunities do not slip through the cracks.
  • Backend ticket grid for store admins to view, answer and create tickets
  • Ticket form on product pages where product info is added to the form automatically
  • Customers view, submit and respond to tickets directly from the customer dashboard