Cart2Quote just became a whole lot more powerful: new release available!

A new release of Cart2Quote is available. This release, just like all new releases, can be downloaded for free by all users with an ongoing subscription. Users with an expired license receive a €200,- discount. This month, our release is quite substantial. We did not only fix minor and major bugs and improve existing functionalities, but we’ve also added a lot of features as well. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Quote reporting dashboard

As of now, you can check out statistics like the number of quotes and quote revenue in a specific time period on your dashboard.

Show who initiated a request

You can now see whether a quote is created by a customer, or by one of your Magento admins in the ‘created by column’.

Find out why customers reject quotes

We know it’s important to understand why a customer does not accept your proposal. We made it easier for your customers to enter their reason for rejecting a quote.

Move wishlist to quote

Customers can now move items on their wishlist directly to a quote list and request prices for items in the wishlist.

Add quote buttons to product list widgets and blocks

From now on, you can display ‘add to quote’ buttons everywhere you want to! With the product list widget, you can show your products and quote buttons in every block on your website.

Check out full release notes here.