Magento Quotation Extension

Quotation Extension for Magento B2B. Add robust and complete RFQ functionality to your Magento B2B webshop. The results? More quality leads and more orders! Cart2Quote is also known as the Magento Quotation Module or Quotation Plugin.

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lead generation iconGenerate more leads

Use every opportunity to convert visitors into customers. Use RFQ buttons strategically on your B2B website, make it easy for your visitors to interact and place quote requests.

proposal iconCreate effective proposals

What is B2B eCommerce without a convenient way to place quote requests? Distiniguish yourself from the rest. Exporters, distributors, wholesalers and B2B shops need more than a standard Magento checkout.

saving timeConvert quote requests into orders

Create proposals in just seconds. Use this Magento quotation module for fully automated and integrated quote request functionality. Save time; fewer inquiries by telephone, no more lost emails.

B2B iconMagento B2B

Integrate lead generating processes in your Magento store. Conveniently manage all your quote requests and customer communication in one place. Easy.

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  • Eijerkamp ​​presents the latest trends in interior design. Plenty of living inspiration and a wonderful collection (design) furniture at over 30,000 m2. Eijerkamp uses the quotation front-end of Cart2Quote

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  • VodaMed Health Solutions was formed in 2004 with the mission to distribute and sell the highest quality health and wellness products in the market. Vodamed is using Magento's custom options in combination with Cart2Quote

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  • Sanford Pro Audio & Video is dedicated to providing the highest quality video and motion picture equipment, supplies and service to broadcasters, systems integrators, educators and a wide range of customers. Request for Quote functionality for complex products.

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  • The Ethos Trade Equipment and Services Ltda., specializes in business automation and enterprise computing. For their B2B customers they offer Cart2Quote as quotation module.

    Cart2Quote Quotation Module on

  • Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) is an organisation that runs parallel to those who strategically manage the emergency management process. Professional equipment suppliers who provide expertise in equipment selection.

    Our Magento B2B Extension on

  • is the specialist for the electronic cigarette. Cart2Quote is used for almost all items in the catalog.

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