What does a Magento webshop cost?

Fun fact: due to the fact that our company is named ‘Cart2Quote’, we’re often asked for a quote for building a Magento webshop as well. People search for terms like ‘Magento 2 quote’, wanting to either offer their clients a quote functionality or receive a quote for building a Magento webstore like said. Fortunately, Cart2Quote has several partners that are actually focused on making both B2B and B2C Magento webstores and do know how to integrate Cart2Quote in Magento projects.

So what does a Magento webstore cost?

Well, that depends. When you are a small hobbyist that makes, say, ceramic plates and figurines and sell a couple of dozens of them each month? Than you will be ok within the €1000 – €2.000 range. With a little bit of luck it will cost you €500 when the developers is a hobbyist as well, and is more worth than he thinks. However, Cart2Quote’s integration partners are focused on bigger corporate projects and to be honest: Magento is probably not the most ideal platform for the hobbyist in our example. They would be better off with a simple WordPress website (with Woocommerce) or Shopify.

Ok, so what does a Magento webstore for businesses cost?

Our web development partners use a diversity of factors that make up a price for a Magento project, but roughly your could say that prices start at €15.000. With that price, you will have a fully functional webstore. This €15.000 is roughly build up as such:

Magento 2 installment and automatic deployments


Linking Payment Service Provider & Checkout


Unique design and house style


Frontend/webdesign implementation


Quality Assurance & Project Management


If you need specific functionalities, a fully custom design or several synchronizations with CRM, ERP, Accountings or WMS software packages, Magento agencies are more than happy to make their offer a perfect fit for your business model en requirement. To give an example, most Magento agencies we work with develop custom webstores within the €30.000 – €45.000 range, and sometimes even a €100.000 for a fully customised, enterprise grade webstore.

Most important is that you build something that actually fits your company

A webstore that fits your company can always been seen as a good investment that pays itself back. We’re looking forward to giving you an honest advise and link you to a Magento agency that matches your requirements. Do you want more information? Than look at our partner page with all the great Magento webstore developers we work with.