Refund Policy

At Cart2Quote we want to make our clients happy. Not only with the products we sell, also with the service we give. Should you have any questions, problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If our products fail to function properly due to a bug that we cannot solve adequately through our support, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase. When you required an installation and/or custom work, we will deduct this amount from your refund.

We know we sell decent software and are happy to assist you in solving any problem you may face using it. However, we do expect you to understand what products you purchase and why.

1. Support Tickets

Before a refund is granted, you must allow us to try and solve any problem related to the plugin by opening a support ticket.

2. Deactivate

The license must be deactivated on the customer’s website before the refund is made. To deactivate a license all traces of Cart2Quote and/or Not2Order, including the free or trial version on your production server and any test, staging or development servers will need to be removed completely before a refund can be processed.

3. 30 Days

Requests made after 30 days from the purchase date will not be given a refund.

4. Free Edition

Refunds will not be granted when you simply decide not to use the product or when the product was purchased for testing purposes. When you only wish to test Cart2Quote, please use the 30 day Free Trial Version.
After 30 days, this free edition will continue to work with some limitations.

5. Coding Conflicts

Refunds will not be granted in cases of coding conflicts related to any other modules installed on your website. When you need help to resolve conflicting modules, please open a support ticket.

6. Integration and custom work

If you ordered an installation and/or custom work, we will deduct this amount from your refund, when the work has been executed already. Development work is non-refundable.

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