Customer Quotations Extension for Magento - Features

Cart2Quote is a combination of Magento extensions enabling and managing
Customer Quotations or RFQ's from the Magento front-end and back-end.


Place Quotations buttons

  • Enable “add to quote” buttons per specific product
  • Enable “add to quote” buttons per store view or website
  • Enable quotations and quote buttons for specific customer groups
  • Specify the visibility of buttons in the Magento grid/list view
  • Configure the visibility of the add to quote buttons on the product page
  • Cart2Quote supports all Magento product types (check out the demo store)

Create Proposals via your Backend

  • Enter custom prices per product
  • Add custom shipping prices
  • Upload additional attachments with a proposal email
  • Enter shop owner comments per product
  • Show real time profit/reduction margins
  • Add or delete products from the quote request
  • Add or delete tier quantities for a specific product
  • Convert a quote request to an order using the admin panel
  • Configure the visibility of the add to quote buttons on the product page
  • Auto-send proposals based on Magento tier prices

Assign your sales representatives

  • Assign sales people to quotation requests manually or automatically
  • Add internal comments to a quote request
  • Assign super admins with extra rights
  • Show all quotation requests per customer in a grid

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Send PDF proposals by email
  • Send reminders and expiry emails
  • Manually send messages from within Magento (CRM)
  • Create and update custom message templates

Customize your Cart and Checkout + Not2Order

  • Set alternative checkout URL for third-party checkouts
  • Disable order references in the cart
  • Enable Ajax add to quote popup

Connect with your favorite CRM & ERP systems

  • Trigger your visitors with Quote Request buttons

    Cart2Quote can place CTA's at all relevant positions in your stores - whether at the category, product or shopping cart page. You can enable and disable this functionality on a product and store level.

  • Integrated into the Magento Customer Dashboard

    Cart2Quote integrates well into Magento. It facilitates the customer dashboard to let your customers either reject, edit or accept your quotations.

  • Intelligent quotation form

    Cart2Quote uses a smart and compact form placed directly under the quotation list. This zero-step approach ensures an optimal conversion.

  • Full backend functionality to edit quotes and more

    With Cart2Quote, you can create a Quotation from the backend. Edit Quotations in the backend and convert Quotations to orders using the backend. 

  • Back-end quotation Grid

    Cart2Quote adds a new grid overview under the sales category. Placing the business name of the requester central and showing the status of all requests in an easy overview. 

  • Fast checkout using the standard Magento checkout

    No need for an optimized checkout. Cart2Quote brings all customer and order data automatically to the Magento checkout process, completing the quote to an order in seconds.

  • Professional PDF price proposals

    In many cases, it takes minutes to create a professional looking price proposal. With Cart2Quote, you can generate a price proposal and send it to your customer in mere seconds.

  • "Unlike other CRM solutions, Cart2Quote manages all Customer Quote Requests and communication from within Magento, fully embedded."

About magento

“ Magento Commerce is the leading e-commerce platform, working hand in hand with retailers, brands and branded manufacturers across both B2C and B2B industries.
After starting development in early 2007, Magento has grown rapidly to be a leading platform for e-commerce, currently supported by a global network of 300+ solution and technology partners.
The highly active global community of more than 66,000 developers and huge eCommerce marketplace for extensions available for download, make Magento a very reliable platform for those who consider starting an e-commerce website.

Initially Magento focussed mainly on B2C e-commerce. However, when worldwide B2B e-commerce started to pick up, Magento was fast to be a leading platform in that area as well. The standard Magento solutions enable B2B companies to streamline their online and offline business, the available extensions help users to overcome any lacks or obstacles they might face to really use their webshop as an extra sales channel.
Magento comes in different versions, the Community Edition being free, the Enterprise Edition offering a complete solution to start using e-commerce, also for B2B companies.”