Cart2Quote Free Version

Cart2Quote Free Version

Cart2Quote - Customer Quote Requests Extension
4.7 / 5 from 173 reviews and 127 votes!
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  • Displays Add to Quote buttons for selected products
  • Enable quotation functionality per website or store
  • Easy 5-minute Installation
  • Free forever

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Get the Free version!

This version is Free for Ever and includes a free trial that unlocks the unlimited version for up to 30 days.

Cart2Quote Free Version

Cart2Quote is the complete Magento module that enables customers to Request for Quote (RFQ) on Magento websites.

Cart2Quote is available in four editions. Check the comparison table

  • Features and Limitations

    This forever free Cart2Quote Edition enables your customers to submit quotations from the front-end of Magento and comes with a free serial to unlock all functionality on a local server!

    Check the available Front-end features

  • Upgrading to another version

    When after some time you would like to use more features and functionalities, you can easily upgrade to one of the other Editions of Cart2Quote. Simply buy the license key, no need to re-install.

  • Support and FAQ

    Do you have any questions? Would you need help installing or customizing this module? Visit our support page for more information.

  • Hide Add to Cart buttons?

    You can combine Cart2Quote with another module, Not2Order, to hide prices and/or add to cart buttons. Learn more about Not2Order

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