Magento 2 module development by Cart2Quote

More than 10 years of experience, an awful lot of passion and of course all the knowledge and skills to deliver products of the highest quality. If you either need any customizations for our existing modules or want to have a whole new module being made, Cart2Quote is the perfect Magento 2 module development partner! 

Only the best products: quality over quantity

If making a lot of money is your main goal, Magento 2 module development is a great market to work in. There are lots and lots of companies offering tens, even hundreds of small and simple modules. In almost every case, these modules do what they promise, but there hasn’t been any real thought about how it will work in practice.

That’s not how we roll. We offer a small number of Magento modules, both M1 and M2, and we find it important that everything works in a logical way. Our modules are constantly being improved; we work on new ideas, functionalities and quality on a daily basis. This way, we can always promise the best modules in te market! Want to know what our modules can do? Take a look at the ‘extensions’ page!

Custom Magento 2 module development

Do you have an idea for a new module? Or do you want anything made for your own webshop? We are eager to start with a new project! We will work with the same amount of passion and dedication on your project, as we do on our existing extensions. We don’t just only build what you ask us, but we always think along about functionalities, interface, and other ideas. We always strive for the best!

Want to come in contact with us? You can reach us at Please leave your phone number, so we can give you a call.