Magento Oro CRM Integration



Installation instructions

Orocrm Configuration:

Magento Backend:

Located: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Orocrm API Configuration > Orocrm API Configuration


There are four input fields:

1. Orocrm URI:
This points to the location of Orocrm. Please make sure this URI is as clean as possible. (so no protocol (e.g. http://) and no additions after the URI).

2. Use secure connection:
Define whether the the URI uses a secure (HTTPS://) or no secure (HTTP://) protocol.

3. Username:
This is the username that is used to login to Orocrm.

4. API key:
This key must be generated in Orocrm. (Go to “My user” in the user settings). After generating the key, copy the key to the field in the Magento config.

After this, save the config.

Configure Opportunity Configuration:

1. Configure expected value mapping

Go to: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Orocrm API Configuration > Opportunity configuration


Configure the total that is added to the opportunity by selecting a total type in the “Configure expected value mapping” field.

Configure Status mapping:

1. Configure mapping of the quote and opportunity status

Go to: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Orocrm API Configuration > Status Mapping


– Select the opportunity statuses in the dropdown for each status.
– Save the page


1. Opportunity
The opportunity will be created when a quotes saves (create quote, change status or update prices)
The quote will be mapped to an opportunity with an unique ID, on each quote save the opportunity will be updated. After opportunity creation, the owner of the opportunity can only be changed in Orocrm.


1. Customers
An opportunity can only be created if the customer, that requested the quotation in Magento, exists in Orocrm. More specifically, this means that the email address must exist in Orocrm.


1. Check you Orocrm URL and API key
2. Clear your cache
3. Login and out
4. Refresh the page

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