Magento Not2Order Installation manual


Introduction to Not2Order


Not2Order enables a shop admin to manage the visibility of order buttons and prices. Hide the order functionality and/or prices for any individual product, product range, storeview, store or complete website. Optionally show the order button and/or price only to registered customers. This extension gives full control of which products should show prices and add-to-cart buttons and which ones have their prices and/or add-to-cart button hidden. To order or not to order, the choice is yours.

It is recommended you first install the module in a test Magento environment that is a copy of your live store. After you have verified the module works correctly in your test store, you can safely install the module on your live website.

It is recommended to let the module be installed by a technical implementer when you do not have the necessary knowledge of Magento modules installations. The Not2Order module may require some changes to your existing template. Please consider purchasing the installation service.

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Installing Not2Order

Backup your data

Not2Order is 100% open source. When you purchase Not2Order you are allowed to use it on a single Magento installation (unlimited stores/domain names are allowed within one Magento installation)

Backup your store database and web directory. You can backup your database through the Magento admin facility under the system-tools-backups menu. Backing up your files can usually be done through the configuration panel of your hosting provider. A database backup is also recommended.

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Upload the Not2Order connect installation zip and press upload


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Wait until the installation is done and press Refresh


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Combining Not2Order with Cart2Quote

The ideal combination

Cart2Quote and Not2order are two Magento extensions made to work together just fine. You can either install Cart2Quote first and Not2Order on top of that or vice versa.

One of the most required B2B scenarios is that prices of some products are hidden and that these products are not directly orderable but require a mandatory quote, while other products in the catalog can be ordered directly. This is exactly what you can do with the combination of Cart2Quote and Not2Order.

Please order your copy of Cart2Quote Quotation Extension (there is also a free version).

In the past, customers needed a special merged package to combine Not2Order with Cart2Quote.
If you have Cart2Quote version 2.3.4 or higher, you do not need this merged package any longer. Cart2Quote and Not2Order work together out of the box!

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Basic Configuration

Hide the price for a product

Set Hide price to Yes.

Located: System > Catalog > Manage Products > [Select a product] > Prices > Prices


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Enable the module

Set Enable module to Yes

Located: System > Configuration > CART2QUOTE > Not2Order


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Configure products to be orderable or not

Enable the order button: Set Allow to Order mode to Yes.

Disable the order button: Set Allow to Order mode to No.

Located: System > Catalog > Manage Products > [Select a product] > General > General


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Not2Order customer groups


Not2Order Groups is a separate extension, made for the more demanding Magento web stores that like to modify Not2Order is more detail. In Not2Order Groups you can disable the prices and disable the order functionality of Magento based on customer groups.

Please note, you need to install Not2Order before you install Not2Order Groups!

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After you purchase Not2Order Group, you will receive a ticket with Not2Order Group attached. The installation process is the same as Not2Order. Please go to step 2 and follow the same installation steps. After completing the installation you will receive extra options to your Not2Order Groups.

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Enable Orders with Customer Groups

Not2Order Groups has an advanced view when you wish to enable orders or hide prices. Below you will find the explanation of the settings:

  1. Select the customer group for which you wish to enable / disable the “Enable Orders / Hide Price” options
  2. Select the desired option
  3. Remove a customer group
  4. Add a new customer group row

Enable/Disable Orders:

Located: Catalog > Manage Products > [Select a product] > General > General

Enable/Disable Prices:

Located: Catalog > Manage Products > [Select a product] > Prices > Prices

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Troubleshooting and installation tips

Installation and development help

For the latest tips and tricks check our Installation and development help section in our customer support tool. Please note that this is a combined user forum for both Cart2Quote and Not2order.

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