Request a Quote?

Request a Quote?

• We're Magento B2B experts
• We have tons of experience customizing Magento
• We work fast and create rock solid code
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Request a Quote?

We are experts in rapid custom development of Cart2Quote customizations or other B2B process integrations to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. Want to make Cart2Quote a perfect fit for your business?

The Process

After you have submitted your request we will start writing user stories. These are in fact your requirements written in such a way that the user (i.e. your customer) will be the focal point.

Once we both understand and agree on the user stories, you will receive our price proposal. The proposal will be subdivided in smaller jobs based on the user stories with a time/price estimate.

After the proposal is accepted and paid for we will start the development or design stage and deliver the jobs. A job will usually be delivered within two or three days and you "the customer" will be able to provide feedback on the deliverable before we move on to the next job.

This way we have successfully delivered awesome customizations:

"I needed a last minute customization the day before the project due date. I left a message in the help desk system and they addressed it 6 hours later. How unexpectedly awesome?! That is damn quick compared to most Magento extension providers."

- Aerostah on Magento Connect