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Cart2Quote Pricing
One-off price
Free €399 €599 €799
Subscription Plans Prices
Subscription Plans Prices

The subscription plans deliver the exact same software as the one-off priced products. The only difference is the payment schedule. Prices shown are billed annually. For prices billed month-to-month, visit the productpages.

Free €29.95 €39.95 €49.95
Store and domain limit
1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Magento Server limit
n/a 1 1 1
Development Licenses
n/a 2 4 8
Product support from Cart2Quote
Free updates
ongoing 6/mo | ongoing 9/mo | ongoing 12/mo | ongoing
Self-service: Community support
Bug support
Response time during workdays
48 hours 48 hours 48 hours 24 hours
Support via e-mail
15/days | ongoing 15/days | ongoing 30/days | ongoing 90/days | ongoing
FTP and configuration support
See pricing See pricing See pricing See pricing
No Yes, extra charge Yes, extra charge Yes, extra charge
Magento EE support
Magento Commerce Cloud support
100% Open Source
Additional Price
Built-in templates
Product page visibility
Category page visiblity
Enable for individual products
Support for all product types
Translation files included
Manage custom options
Move entire Quote to cart
Move entire Quote to cart
Customer group support
Custom Quote request form
Form builder
Hiding prices
Disable ordering
Answer Quote Requests
Submit custom prices
Edit requested quantities
Create new Quotes from backend
Convert Quotes to orders
Re-assign Quote customer
Assign new Quote customer
Quantity tiers
Quantity tiers
Duplicate Quote item(s)
Duplicate Quote item(s)
Duplicate Quote(s)
Duplicate Quote(s)

Select Quote(s) to duplicate and create an exact, independently configurable copy of a previously created Quote. This feature can be used effectively in combination with the 'Re-Assign Quote' customer function. The store owner is enabled to copy any Quote and link it to any new or existing customer.

Support Magento price rules
Linking between order and Quote
Quote revisions
Adjustable Quote statuses
SOAP & REST API support
Quote content sectioning
Quote item reordering
Customer e-mails
Transactional e-mails
Send CC e-mails
Reminder dates and e-mails
Expiry dates and e-mails
Send price proposals Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Include shipping price
Change Quote delivery address
Change Quote address
Include customer taxes
Add custom shipping prices
Add custom remarks
Make items optional
Intelligent auto proposal
Auto customer login
Auto confirm proposal
Attach Quote PDF
Guest request form
Submission form on Quote page
Shipping methods on Quote form
Create Products on the Fly
Quote Sections
Create Quote Sections
CRM Ticket System
Customer quotation ticket
Keep in touch with store admin

Customer can send and receive messages from the quotation view directly to the store admin.

Admin quotation ticket
Keep in touch with customers

Admin can send and receive messages from the quotation view directly to the customer.

Receive and create tickets
Assign admin users to tickets
E-mail templates
Manage ticket statuses
Custom dashboard integration
Backend management grid
Multiple events available

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