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Cart2Quote has become an exceptionally convenient time-saver and a massive money-saver. Cart2Quote doesn’t just generate leads it has turned our business around.

Ryan Freeman, President National Fitness Distributors
  • Create Quotations

    Enable Add to Quote buttons for individual products

    Cart2Quote enables the Magento shop owner to enable quotations for individual products. Just enable quotations in the backend product page and control on a product per product basis whether an item is quotable.

  • Price proposals

    Supports all Magento product types

    This Magento Quotations extension supports all Magento product types. Add RFQ functionality to simples, configurable, grouped and bundled products and more. Cart2Quote also supports most of the custom options types.

  • Price proposals

    Supports Magento multi store environments

    One store view with Request for Quote buttons and the other store without? No problem for Cart2Quote. Simply enable or disable the extension for a website, store or store view.

  • Supports Customer Groups

    Supports Customer Groups

    Working with Customer Groups and want to enable Quotations for one group and hide the Quotation functionality for the other? Want to offer Quotation only for registered users and hide it from non-registered users. No problem, simply configure your customer groups and allow them to place quotation requests.

  • Price proposals

    Add tier quantities to a Quote Request/Proposal

    Wholesale websites sell quantities, and B2B customers are likely to request a quote for multiple tiers. Cart2Quote fully supports tier pricing and quote requests for multiple quantities per product.

  • Price proposals

    Enable customers to convert quotations to orders

    Cart2Quote contains a full quotation cycle, which means that customers can request a quote, shop admins can submit proposals and the customer can checkout as normal but with the custom price.

  • Price proposals

    Customers can add remarks to the quote request

    Selling custom made products or complex items and need a quote functionality? The quote submit form of Cart2Quote offers multiple ways for your customer to place remarks and notes on an individual product basis or for the whole RFQ.

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Customer Quotations for Magento, easy, complete and sky rocketing your sales. Add powerful RFQ management to your webshop. Get started for free.

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Customer Quotations for Magento, easy, complete and sky rocketing your sales. Add powerful RFQ management to your webshop. Get started for free.

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Cart2Quote is the easiest and most complete Magento module that enables customers to Request a Quote (RFQ) on Magento websites - resulting in quality leads and more orders.

This Free version contains all front-end functionality of Cart2Quote for an unlimited time and is easy to upgrade and comes with a free serial to unlock all functionality on a local test server!

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