Magento Hubspot CRM Integration



Installation instructions

HubSpot Configuration:

To use the HubSpot configuration, you first need to authorize the Cart2Quote HubSpot API with your HubSpot CRM

To authorize Cart2Quote, please go to your Magento Backend:

Located: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > HubSpot API Configuration > Capsule API Configuration

– Press HubSpot verification

activate hubspot

– Choose your account


– HubSpot is now fully activated

Activated HubSpot API

Deal Configuration:


Deal value mapping
Configure the total that is added to the deal by selecting a total type in the “Configure expected value mapping” field.

Value mapping

Configure Status mapping:

1. Configure your Pipelines (if haven’t already done that)

In HubSpot go to Settings > Sales > Deals > Deals Pipelines and Stages: press “Add another pipeline”

2. Configure mapping of the quote status and the milestones

Go to: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > CHubSpot API Configuration > Status Mapping > Pipeline

3. Select the Pipeline in the dropdown. After that configure the Pipeline stages for each quote status.

Pipeline mapping

4. Save the page

Configure the sales representative mapping:

Go to: System > Permissions > Users > Select the sales representative you want to map

You can select the sales representative you want to map to a HubSpot owner in the field “HubSpot Owner username.”

Sales Representative mapping


1. Magento Customer
The customer is created only when a customer does not exist in HubSpot.
This will be checked on each quote save (create quote, change status or update prices)

2. Deal
The deal will be created when a quote saves (create quote, change status or update prices)
The quote will be mapped to deal with a unique ID, each quote saves the deal will be updated.


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