Cart2Quote Update & Upgrade

Cart2Quote Update & Upgrade

Cart2Quote - Customer Quote Requests Extension
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  • Enterprise users benefit from 12 months of free updates
  • Business users benefit from 9 months of free updates
  • Starter users benefit from 6 months of free updatess
  • Always backup and test a new version on a development server!
  • No free installation support provided for updates
  • What's New in the latest release?

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Cart2Quote Update & Upgrade

Simply update or upgrade your Cart2Quote Edition by filling in the form on your right. Questions about your update of upgrade? Please see the frequently asked questions underneath, or contact us.

  • License Key

    A license key will always be sent to you when upgrading your Cart2Quote Edition. Updating Cart2Quote may also require a new license key. This is the case when you update to a major new release of Cart2Quote. License keys will normally be sent to you by e-mail the next working day.

    For the ‘Free’ and ‘Trial’ editions of Cart2Quote, no license key is required.

  • Upgrade to a higher Edition of Cart2Quote

    Upgrading is simple, only pay the price difference and enter the new license key to unlock the extra functionality. There is no need to reinstall Cart2Quote, the new license unlocks the extra functionality.

  • Update to latest release of Cart2Quote

    Cart2Quote updates are free when you are still in your update cycle.

    Always install your update in a development environment first. See the installation manual.

    Cart2Quote does not provide free installation support for updates.

  • Your Update Cycle

    With the purchase of Cart2Quote comes a free update cycle. Depending on the Edition of purchase, you have either 6 months (Starter), 9 months (Business) or 12 months (Enterprise) of free updates.

  • Updating Corporate Edition

    Email us to update the Cart2Quote Corporate edition.

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