The robust and complete customer quotation module for Magento

Including Enterprise trial for up to 30 days
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  • Request Quote buttons

  • Request Quote forms

  • Transactional emails
Including 6 months free product updates
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  • Backend panel

  • PDF & email proposals

  • Customer checkout
Including 9 months free product updates
One-off price

  • Multidomain and stores

  • Sales rep management

  • Quote automation
Including 12 months free product updates
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  • CRM functionality

  • API and exports

  • Mass attributes updates
Including 12 months free product updates and support

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  • Elite support

  • Product training
  • Multiple Servers

Looking for a way to hide your prices?
Not2Order hides prices and disables ordering on a
product per product basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What´s involved in the installation?

    It is strongly recommended to let the module be installed by a technical implementer if you do not have the necessary knowledge of Magento modules installations. Visit our documentation center and download our Installation Guide to see what's involved.

  • How do I upgrade my Cart2Quote edition?

    If you are using the free version and decide to upgrade and enable more features of Cart2Quote, you do not have to reinstall the module. Just enter a license key into the backend. The same is true for other upgrades from one version to another. Visit the upgrade page for more information.

  • Will you add new features to Cart2Quote?

    We are dedicated to improving this quotation module every day. Our goal is unchanged: creating a complete Magento quotation module. We release a new version of Cart2Quote about every month. Visit our Release Notes for more information.

  • Can you customize Cart2Quote for my specific needs?

    Yes, we can, and we would be happy to. We love to make Cart2Quote a perfect fit for your business. We have multiple user cases of customizations and testimonials of happy customers that trusted us to customize their Magento web shop. Visit our Magento customizations page for more information.

  • How long am I entitled to free updates?

    Depending on the Cart2Quote edition you purchased you have received a certain amount of months of free updates. View the comparison table above to see the applicable period of free updates for your edition.

  • Do you offer phone support?

    Our Corporate version comes with phone support. All other products come with online support. This helps us keep detailed records about your issue in one place. Nothing is lost in translation between advisors or if we need to escalate an issue to engineers.

  • How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

    If you cancel your order within 30 days of signing up, you will be refunded for the amount you were charged for the extension. If you required an installation and/or custom work, we will deduct this amount from your credit note. You can cancel your order by using this form.

  • Can I disable ordering and hide my prices?

    Not2Order is our Magento module that works seamless together with Cart2Quote. This module enables you to manage the visibility of order buttons and prices on a product per product basis and/or per customer group. Visit the Not2order product page.

  • How do I become a reseller?

    We are excited about your interest in becoming a Cart2Quote reseller! Please have a look at our partner/reseller program for more information.

  • What are my payment options? Can I pay by invoice?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express through our online payment system (Paypal). If you would like to prepay with a bank transfer, you can select "Pay with an invoice" or pay with iDeal (Netherlands only). You can select these options during the checkout.

  • What happens at the end of my trial?

    If your trial ends before you purchased a paid product, Cart2Quote will degrade to the free version. Your data will remain intact, and your customers can still submit new requests, but you can no longer process them via the admin panel until you order one of the paid Cart2Quote editions.

  • Is the Cart2Quote license permanent?

    Yes. Cart2Quote Licenses are permanent and will never expire. There is no annual fee. Your License key is tied to your Magento backend URL. View our Cart2Quote licensing information page, for more information.

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One-off price

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Store and domain limit

1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Magento server limit

1 1 1 3
Development licenses

1 3 3 Unlimited
Product support from Cart2Quote
Free updates

6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months
Self-service: Community support

Bug support

Response time during workdays

48 hours 48 hours 24 hours 12 hours
Email support

15 days 8x5 30 days 8x5 45 days 8x5 60 days 8x5
FTP and configuration support

See pricing See pricing See pricing 3 hours
Magento EE support

100% Open Source

See price

Yes, extra charge Yes, extra charge
Git repository

Yes, extra charge
Phone support

30 days 8x5
Product training/demonstration

Built-in templates

Product page visibility

Category page visibility

Internationalization & Localization

Ajax add to quote

Tier quantities

Form builder

Enable for individual products

Support for all product types

Manage custom options

Show quote when price is 0

Customer group support

Custom form fields

Customer emails
Transactional emails

Send CC emails

Send PDF proposal

Add additional attachments

Reminder emails

Calculate quote profit

Lock proposal

Include shipping price

Create quote from admin panel

Convert quote to order

Backend edit quote

Auto customer login

Track quote history

Auto send proposal

Set expiration time

Support Magento Price Rules

Create follow-up date

Tiered cost prices

Create custom product

Sales representatives
Assign salesrep

Configure sales role

Sticky salesrep

Assign via front-end

Internal comments

Hide quotes for other sales reps

Create a super user

CRM addon
Send customer messages

Create custom templates

Use markup in messages

Custom variables in messages

Two-way communication

Internal messaging

Attach Files

Marketplace add-on
Configure Suppliers

Link suppliers to products

Marketplace transactional emails

Request supplier price quotes

Translation files included

Multiple events available

Custom checkout url

API and export quotes

Mass update attributes

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